I am sharing wallhack for members only, if we caught that you are sharing wallhack that i have shared in this website your account will automatically delleted by the owner.

Download the File name PHO-DFI-Hack.rar
Extract the File and Open Your Injector.
Browse the DLL name "Anonymousv6.dll" Note: do not rename to take effect!
Put on Process: specialforce.exe
Open the SF Launcher and Login...
and Then Enjoy The Advanced Shooting

VirusScan: http://virusscan.jot...48dd257587600b6 (False Detection Only)

Download Link: http://localhostr.com/B5iLwuDB7NpM

No FSS (No Flash, Smoke and Scope) - now with E and Q key - ur choice.
Semi FillMode (Wireframe and Point)
Chams (5 Selectable Colors)

Credits to: AsianGroup and RealmOfGod Clan